Thursday, November 27, 2008


Price: RM 69
Size: S (White Sold)
Size: M(Both colours sold)
Colour: Green and White
*Not Restockable*
Note: Belt is included. Zip at the side. High quality guaranteed

Bunches-O-Fun #1

Price: RM 45
Size: Fits S-M
Colour: Grey and Cream
Status: Grey Available

Bunches-O-Fun #2

Price: RM 45
Size: Fits S-M
Colour: Blue (SOLD) and Black (SOLD)


(almost similar to Forever 21)

Price: RM 40
Size: S
Size: M
Colour: Black, White , Cream
White waist belt: Not for sale
Note: Zip at the side

Status: Black and Cream in size M Available
White in Size S Available


Price: RM 55
Size: Fits XS-S
Colour: Blue (SOLD) and White(SOLD)
Material: High Quality Satin

* Not Restockable*

Eyelet Bloom

Design 1Design 2
Price: RM 42
Size: Fits S-M
Colour: Black and White
Note: Adjustable Strap

* Not Restockable*

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November Collections

We are glad to inform you that from November collections onwards, Dolly Sins clothes will officially have it's own pink labels!

I have just got a job offer at Singapore and will be leaving by end of November. It's my first job so wish me luck yea! This website will still go on and thanks to my sister she will be helping me to deliver the items and cash on delivery can be arranged. Updates will be slower as I will be back at KL every fortnights only. I will try my best to update more and I sincerely want to thank you girls out there for your support towards Dollly Sins.

*More updates next week*

Gem Frilly

Price: RM 45
Size: Fits S-M
Note: Sheer chiffon top connected with a satin skirt

* Not Restockable*
(not applicable for any promotions or discount vouchers)


Price: RM 65
Size: Fits S-M
Colour: Black

* Not Restockable*
(not applicable for any promotions or discount vouchers)

Button Embroidery

Price: RM 40
Size: Fits S-M
Colours: Dark Blue,Black, White

* Not Restockable*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Absolute Bazaar

(Featured at A Shopaholic's Den, Diary of an E-Shopaholic, Toungue in Chic, Emmagem)

Dolly Sins will be at Absolute Bazaar on the 8th November 2008! . In conjunction with Dolly Sins 1st Anniversary, the price for all the clothes will be marked down on that day itself only! Clothes and bags from RM 20-RM 45! We will be selling off our pre-loved items too, some are new and most of them are worn only once. So don't forget to make yourself free and bring your friends along on this coming Saturday and drop by our stall top support Dolly Sins!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dolly Sins contest winners!

I know we are suppose to have 10 winners but we decided to give out another extra 2 vouchers!
Thank you girls for your time and effort to participate in this contest.

The 12 winners are:

1. Fara Nadia
2. Andres Leong
3. Joanne Koh
4. Evelyn Nadal
5. Kim
6. Jo Ann Lum Choy Yeen
7. Angeline Ooi
8. Rachel Leong Wai Ling
9. Emily Mah Cheng-Yin
10. Candice Lim Suat Lay
11. Chong Pooi Yee
12. Flora Wong


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