Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New collections coming soon!

Sneak peak of Dolly Sins new collections....
New arrivals will be posted by end of this week and at the mean time, do look through the available sales items!

Sunday, September 20, 2009



All Dresses and Bags @ RM 35
All Tops @ RM 25

Browse sales items below

*For limited time only*


Code: Cardigan
Size: S
Design: Starry Night, Candy Stripe, Polka Dot(sold)

Code: Daisy
Size: Fits S-M
Colour: Blue and Purple Available

Code: Avalonia
Size: S
Colour: White only
Note: Belt is not included

Code: Tea Lily
Size: S
Colour: Light Brown, Grey and Peach

Code: Amber
Size: S
Colour: Black, Sash included

Code: Bunches o Fun
Size: S
Colour: Grey

Code: Dahlia
Size: S
Colour: Brown and Black

Code: Anchor Basic
Size: S
Colour: Pink

Code: Luna Tote

Code: Tropical Paradise(sold)
Size: S

Code: Stripey Hoodie Top(sold)
Size: S
Colour: Brown

Code: Lollipops
Size: S

Code: Candy Coated
Size: S
Colour: Black

Code: Bronze Bag
Colour: Only Bronze Available

Code: Office Savvy
Size: S
Colour: Black and Red

Code: Bellaluna
Size: S (White Only)
Size: M (Black and Cream)

Code: Aurora
Size: S
Colour: Brown Only


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