Sunday, September 20, 2009


Code: Cardigan
Size: S
Design: Starry Night, Candy Stripe, Polka Dot(sold)

Code: Daisy
Size: Fits S-M
Colour: Blue and Purple Available

Code: Avalonia
Size: S
Colour: White only
Note: Belt is not included

Code: Tea Lily
Size: S
Colour: Light Brown, Grey and Peach

Code: Amber
Size: S
Colour: Black, Sash included

Code: Bunches o Fun
Size: S
Colour: Grey

Code: Dahlia
Size: S
Colour: Brown and Black

Code: Anchor Basic
Size: S
Colour: Pink

Code: Luna Tote

Code: Tropical Paradise(sold)
Size: S

Code: Stripey Hoodie Top(sold)
Size: S
Colour: Brown

Code: Lollipops
Size: S

Code: Candy Coated
Size: S
Colour: Black

Code: Bronze Bag
Colour: Only Bronze Available

Code: Office Savvy
Size: S
Colour: Black and Red

Code: Bellaluna
Size: S (White Only)
Size: M (Black and Cream)

Code: Aurora
Size: S
Colour: Brown Only


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